Mission Statement

EatLittle Inc. aims to be market leader in non-invasive treatment of obesity through gastric volume reduction. Our mission is to research, develop and market a family of ingestible capsules for controlled reduction of gastric volume from inside the stomach, thus inducing feeling of satiety in customers, resulting in decreased food intake and sustainable weight loss.

EatLittle Inc. is a limited liability biotechnology research and development company that was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta, in September 2005 to research, develop and market a proprietary technology owned by it. The proprietary technology offers a non-invasive way of reducing body weight through dynamic gastric volume reduction which has been found to be effective in inducing early satiety and sensation of fullness, thus contributing to long-term reduction in food intake and to sustainable weight loss.

In order to protect its proprietary technology, the company is the legal assignee of four granted international patents. Based on its proprietary technology, the company has completed the development of its first product, EatLittle™, which has been tested for safety and effectiveness through a set of chronic animal tests and human clinical trials. Preliminary results indicate an average loss of more than 5% of body weight through the non-invasive administration of EatLittle™ over the duration of one month of therapy. Through its wholly owned subsidiary in Sofia, Bulgaria (Eatlittle Bulgaria Inc.), the company has succeeded in registering EatLittle™ for sale as a dietary supplement.