EatLittle™ is a swallowable, non-nutritional dietary supplement capsule, which swells in the stomach to a size of a small, 20-25 cubic centimeter pillow, taking volume from inside the organ. After 4-5 days, each of these pillows disintegrates in its constituent fibers and leaves the gastrointestinal tract in a natural way. Click HERE for more details.

EatLittle™ aims to help customers which are motivated to achieve long-term and sustainable weight loss without invasive surgical or endoscopic interventions. It can be taken independently, or as part of a dietary plan to reduce the amount of food intake and spontaneous food cravings. For more details, click HERE.

The regular intake of EatLittle™, as recommended, will introduce the feeling of early satiety, resulting in smaller meal portions and reduced food cravings. For more details, please examine the ingredients of the product HERE.

Yes. EatLittle™ can be quickly disintegrated on demand if the customer feels discomfort or simply wants to discontinue the therapy. Disintegration of EatLittle™ occurs in a framework of several hours or by purposefully drinking hot beverages (min 45oC). Hot water accelerates self-disintegration of the fiber “bites”. Because of this extraordinary safety quality, these pseudobezoars are labeled “controllable”. Indeed, in this “controlled” environment, the product can be expelled from the stomach and disintegrated in a matter of several hours. For more details, click HERE.

EatLittle™ can be taken independently of any diet, but it is recommended to be combined with a low-sodium/low salt diet. It is advisable to take EatLittle™ with a generous amount of room-temperature or warm water, and have a glass of water (200 ml) after each meal while taking EatLittle™. For more details on a low-sodium/low salt diet, click HERE.

EatLittle™ works best if taken for at least 3 months, 15 to 30 minutes before each meal, with at least 250 ml of water per capsule. One to four capsules are recommended as a daily intake. For more details, click HERE.

Yes. EatLittle™ ingredients are natural fibers and inert fillers, routinely used separately as dietary supplements. It is the unique design of EatLittle™ as a temporary, pH-dependent, controllable, non-nutritional pseudobezoar, that makes our product unique. Please click HERE to see a full list of ingredients.

Yes. You need to have a valid credit or debit card to order. Please check our Online Store for details.

Several companies offer swelling products on the market, e.g. Appesat™, PGX®, and PREE™. Consumers are strongly encouraged to compare them to EatLittle™ in terms of dimensions, longevity in the stomach before disintegration or expulsion, speed of swelling, and scientific credibility, and draw their own conclusions. Click HERE to see the ingredients of EatLittle™.