How it works

EatLittle™ is a swallowable pill that swells in the stomach upon contact with its gastric fluids and water taken with the capsule. EatLittle™ ingredients, soluble fibers and inert excipient, swell in the stomach and form a “chunk of food” with a volume of 20-25cc which precludes its expulsion through the pylorus. Once swollen, EatLittle™ sinks to the bottom of the stomach where most of gastric mechano-receptors are located. The contact between the receptors and EatLittle™ induces the receptors to send a signal to the brain indicating a sense of fullness and satiety. Gradually, in the framework of several days, the swollen “chunks” lose their rigidness, disintegrate and transform into a biocompatible non-nutritional bolus which is expelled through the pylorus by natural peristalsis.

Therefore, the constant number of non-digestible “chunks” is maintained by the intake of 1 to a maximum of 4 capsules daily before meal with an abundant amount of water. This represents a total of 90 to 120 pills to be ingested per month for an average volume taking of approximately 200 to 400cc after the first week of therapy. This volume is dynamically maintained throughout the therapy. The choice of the number of pills ingested prior to each meal is a function of the Body Mass Index (BMI, weight [kg]/height[m]2) of the customer, i.e. the higher the BMI the larger the number of pills needed to be ingested per meal. When the BMI of a given patient is low, EatLittle™ is dosed  as a dietary supplement providing weight reduction around 10% after the first year of therapy (minimum 1 capsule before each meal). When the BMI is high, EatLittle™ is dosed with higher daily intake (e.g. 4)  and becomes more comparable to a surgical procedure with weight reduction around 20% after the first year of therapy.

Important Safety Note: EatLittle™ can be quickly disintegrated on demand if the customer feels discomfort or simply wants to discontinue the therapy. Disintegration of EatLittle™ occurs in a framework of several hours or by purposefully drinking hot beverages (min 45oC). Hot water accelerates self-disintegration of the fiber “bites”. Because of this extraordinary safety quality, these pseudobezoars are labeled “controllable”. Indeed, in this “controlled” environment, the product can be expelled from the stomach and disintegrated in a matter of several hours.