Recommended dosage

One capsule, 15-30 minutes before each meal with a minimum of 300-500 ml (two large glasses) of room-temperature water per dosage for at least 3 months. This represents a total of approximately 90 pills to be ingested per month for an average volume taking of approximately 200 to 400cc after the first week of therapy. This volume could be dynamically maintained through the therapy. The number of capsules administrated before each meal could be flexibly adjusted to achieve the individual level of comfort for you.

On the other hand, the choice of the number of pills ingested prior to each meal is a function of the Body Mass Index (BMI, weight [kg]/height[m]2) of the customer, i.e. the higher the BMI the more pills to be ingested per meal. When the BMI of a given customer is low, EatLittle™ is dosed as a diet or a drug with a weight reduction around 10% after the first year of therapy (minimum 1 capsule before each meal). When the BMI is high, EatLittle™ is dosed with higher daily intake (e.g. 4) and becomes more comparable to a surgical procedure with weight reduction around 20% after the first year of therapy.

Recommended regimens

• An optimal daily water intake is recommended – approximately 30 ml per each kilogram of the body weight;

• For better effect, warm water is recommended for the intake of EatLittle™ capsules;

Low sodium and low salt diets are recommended for best EatLittle™ effectiveness;

• A glass of water (200 ml) after meals is also recommended to maintain permanent EatLittle™ swelling.